USAR victim search equipment

The LEADER Urban Search And Rescue equipment provides technicality and effectiveness to rescue teams during USAR operations
Designed and created for urban search and rescue operations, the LEADER USAR equipment range is made up of the following complementary apparatus: Listening equipment (vibration or seismic detectors, also known as geostereophones or life detector), search cameras to view victims, radar movement detectors, or an unstable structure stability controller to keep specialists safe when working in, or nearby, unstable structures.
All this rescue equipment perfectly reflects the SAR GOP (Search and Rescue General Operating Procedures). 

  • Leader SEARCH - Seismic listening device which communicates with up to 6 seismic sensors (3 wireless and 3 wired). The only wireless victim search equipment! It detects the smallest vibration from a conscious victim: scratching, knocking, voice, etc.... even in the most extreme conditions such as natural disasters. 
  • Leader CAM - Victim search camera to locate and view victims, but also to communicate with them. This USAR equipment can be used to assess the level of assistance and rescue needed.
  • Leader HASTY - 2 in 1 device (listening device + search camera) unique worldwide! This life detector has been specially designed for so-called “HASTY SEARCH” methods offering mobility, versatility and effectiveness to rescuers for rapid and reliable S&R. 
  • Leader SCAN - Radar life detector This human life detector detects the smallest movements such as respiratory movements of an unconscious buried victim’s chest, or larger movements. 
  • Leader SENTRY - Rescue stability moniotr for unstable structures. This firefighting rescue equipment can be used to secure a working zone where rescuers will be alerted to any movement greater than a threshold set by the Leader SENTRY. Tool dedicated to search and rescue as part of USAR operations but also used in firefighter operations (firefighting GOP).
  • Leader WASP - Warning Alarm Stability Protection device. Leader WASP allows rescuers to monitor the movement of an unstable structure during a fire operation, or during a rescue-clearance operation. In case of bigger movement than selected threshold, device triggers an alarm. So team on duty can quickly leave their position for a safer area.
  • LEADER also represents the PARATECH brand in France with a wide range of rescue equipment meeting the needs of USAR, hazardous environment SAR or road safety specialists: Paratech ACME shoring, MAXIFORCE lifting cushions, MULTIFORCE lifting cushions, PARATECH forcing tools, USAR pneumatic tools.

With a strong international presence, LEADER is one of the leading urban search and rescue (USAR) equipment manufacturers in the world.



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