UWB radar +
3 seismic sensors

MULTI-APPLICATION control box: Versatile, configurable and upgradeable!

The MULTI-APP box is a central element of the LEADER MULTISEARCH system. VERSATILE: The MULTI-APP box allows up to 5 interchangeable USAR devices to be connected depending on operational needs in the field for faster and more efficient urban search and rescue operations! CONFIGURABLE: Assemble your kit today by selecting the search devices to meet your needs! UPGRADEABLE: Add new search devices to your kit at any time! Find more information on the MULTI-APPLICATION box at the following link: MULTISEARCH Concept Expertise!

2-IN-1 FEATURES: UWB movement detection + seismic detection of survivors!

This USAR kit comprises: - 1 Ultra Wide Band UWB radar sensor (SCAN) to detect and locate victims' movements, even the slightest, through the wreckage, - 3 wireless seismic sensors (SEARCH) to detect vibrations/waves caused by a victim trapped under the rubble (knocks, shouts, scratching, etc.), - 1 colour victim location camera (CAM) to search visually for survivors under the wreckage, The LEADER MULTISEARCH 4 USAR life detector is equipped with a MULTI-APPLICATION box that enables all LEADER search devices to be used! Indeed, the MULTI-APP box makes it possible to switch very easily and quickly from one device to another! In its standard version, MULTISEARCH 4 combines a UWB radar sensor and 3 seismic sensors. These two victim location technologies are fully complementary! One detects victims' movements (movement of an arm or simple chest movements due to breathing) and the other detects the vibrations created by a victim when they shout, scratch, tap, etc. The SCAN radar device is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) technology consists of sending electromagnetic waves through debris to detect variations in movements under wreckage. In this way it probes the surface of rubble to search for movements of people still alive (conscious or unconscious) up to a distance of 30 m in open space. It detects movements through 50 cm of concrete, but also through other materials such as wood, roof tiles, glass, bricks, plastics and more. The 3 wireless seismic sensors (SEARCH) use seismic technology. In other words, they detect the waves caused by people trapped under rubble! With an unobstructed range of 100 m, they enable the search area to be covered quickly to detect the presence of living victims.

An upgradeable life detector!

The wireless devices (SCAN ultra wide band radar and SEARCH seismic sensors) make the MULTISEARCH system easy and quick to use compared with cabled systems. Rescue teams are 3 times faster with wireless sensors. The MULTI-APPLICATION control box means this kit can be upgraded! At present, it enables two victim location devices to be combined: - UWB radar sensor = SCAN device: to detect movements, - listening equipment equipped with 3 seismic sensors = SEARCH device: for seismic detection. However, it is possible to upgrade this kit at a later date by adding: - the colour search camera (= CAM device) for visual victim location, - and/or the thermal imaging camera head (TIC device) for victim location/thermal detection, - and/or the camera head waterproof to 90 m (RD90 device), - and/or the movement detection function with UWB ground penetrating search radar (SCAN device).

Easier movement in the field with the operations backpacks

The LEADER MULTISEARCH MS 4 kit is placed in 2 backpacks. To address storage and transport issues in areas of uneven ground, the 2 backpacks are stored in 2 solid waterproof cases. The backpacks enable search equipment to be brought very easily to the search area, generally located on uneven ground.
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The LEADER MULTISEARCH 4 is a victim location detector equipped with a MULTI-APP control box designed for search and rescue-clearance teams.

- UWB radar (SCAN): detects victims' movements under wreckage,
- seismic sensors (SEARCH): detect the vibrations caused by survivors under the rubble (shouts, scratching, knocks, etc.).

The SCAN UWB search scanner is used to detect movements of living victims (conscious or unconscious) through 50 cm of concrete and through wood, roof tiles, bricks, glass, plastics and more. Ultra-sensitive and precise, UWB technology makes it possible to detect:
- strong movements (e.g. arm movements) up to 30 m unobstructed,
- and weak movements (e.g. breathing movements) up to 10 m unobstructed.
It connects by WiFi, making it easier to handle in the field (alternatively, a cable can be connected). Using Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology makes it possible to send electromagnetic waves through materials to analyses differences in movements. The SCAN device comes under the category of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR).

SEARCH seismic sensors are 'victim detection devices'. They are recognised for being very sensitive and provide rescuers exceptional sound quality.
MULTISEARCH comprises 3 wireless seismic sensors with an unobstructed range of 100 m (no problem managing cables trapped in the rubble!).
Compared to cabled technology, they are deployed simply and rapidly to cover an extensive detection distance.
They also make it possible to locate a victim using different methods such as triangulation.

The MULTI-APP control box makes this USAR kit upgradeable!
This box can also be connected to:
- the thermal imaging search camera (TIC device) to view hotspots,
- the optional RD90 search camera, waterproof to 90 m (RD90 device), for exploration at great depths. The optional RD90 colour camera, waterproof to 90 m and fitted with a 90 m cable wound on a reel enables exploration at great depth. The fixed head is fitted with LED lights and does not swivel. A 90 m extension lead allows it to be lowered down to 180 m.

This victim detection device meets the INSARAG certification guidelines.

Find more information on the MULTI-APPLICATION box at the following link: MULTISEARCH Concept Expertise!


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