UWB radar +
search cameras
(color and thermal)

MULTI-APPLICATION control box: Versatile, configurable and upgradeable!

The MULTI-APP control box forms the centre of the LEADER MULTISEARCH system. VERSATILE: The MULTI-APP box allows up to 5 interchangeable USAR devices to be used in the field for more efficient buried victim location operations! CONFIGURABLE: Select the devices best suited to your current needs to assembly your custom kit! UPGRADEABLE: What if you need a new search device at a later date? Order this device and add to your kit at any time! Find more information on the MULTI-APPLICATION box at the following link: MULTISEARCH Concept Expertise!

3-IN-1 FEATURES: UWB movement detection + visual victim location + thermal victim location!

This USAR kit incorporates: - 1 Ultra-Wide Band ground penetrating radar sensor (SCAN UWB) to detect and locate movements through materials, - 1 colour victim location search camera (CAM) enabling visual searching for people trapped under wreckage, - 1 thermal imaging camera (TIC) to detect hotspots generated by living bodies. The LEADER MULTISEARCH 2 victim location device is equipped with a MULTI-APPLICATION box allowing all LEADER search devices to be combined! The SCAN radar sensor (search scanner) is Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). The UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology produces electromagnetic waves that pass through construction materials to detect variations in movements. In this way it scans the surface of wreckage looking for movements (weak or strong) of survivors. It identifies movements through 50 cm of concrete, roof tiles, bricks, glass, wood, plastics and more. The colour search camera (CAM) is used to conduct visual searches for victims buried under wreckage and to communicate with them to assess the threat to their life. The thermal imaging search camera (TIC) is used to detect a heat source coming from a victim’s body. This makes it possible to locate the body of a living person even more quickly in a dark, dusty or smoke-filled space. The MULTISEARCH 2 kit, fitted with its two interchangeable camera heads, helps rescue teams locate a buried victim efficiently! A living body can be identified very rapidly using the thermal camera (identification of a heat source), which makes it possible to confirm that it's a living human victim by connecting the colour search camera. Conversely, if the rescuer is using the colour camera (CAM), but the environment is too smoky, dark or dusty, the thermal imaging camera (TIC) will enable USAR specialists to check that it really is a living person using the thermal image. The control box and graphic interface have been specially developed for colour and thermal visual searches for buried people! The MULTI-APPLICATION box makes it possible to switch very easily and quickly from one device to another.

An upgradeable search device!

The MULTI-APP box makes this kit upgradeable! It is now possible to combine movement detection (UWB ground penetrating radar sensor = SCAN device) and visual location using the colour search camera (= CAM device) and the thermal imaging search camera (= TIC device) enabling visual location of buried victims. However, it is possible to upgrade this kit at a later date by adding: - the camera head waterproof to 90 m (RD90 device), - and/or the seismic sensors (SEARCH device) to detect the vibrations caused by people under wreckage.

Backpacks to facilitate transport of search devices on the search area

The LEADER MULTISEARCH MS 2 kit is stored in 2 backpacks. The backpacks are themselves placed in 2 waterproof, shockproof cases to address storage and transport restrictions in a disaster area. The backpacks allow devices to be transported quickly and easily to the search site. The equipment remains well protected in any case.
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The LEADER MULTISEARCH 1 is victim location equipment designed for specialised urban search and rescue teams.
This kit makes it possible to combine:
- movement detection (UWB ground penetrating radar = SCAN device)
- and visual location using the colour search camera (= CAM device),
- and detection/search for hotspots using the thermal imaging search camera (= TIC device) enabling visual searching for buried victims in both dark and/or dusty environments.

The LEADER MULTISEARCH is the only USAR equipment in the world combining a MULTI-APPLICATION control box enabling the following 5 devices to be interfaced: an ultra-wide band movement detector radar (SCAN), a colour search camera (CAM) to locate these victims visually, and a thermal imaging camera (TIC) to reveal hotspots. An optional camera, waterproof to 90 m (RD90), can also be connected for explorations at great depths, seismic sensors to detect the vibrations caused by people under wreckage (SEARCH).

The SCAN UWB ground penetrating radar sensor features Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology that probes the surface of wreckage to search for movements of survivors.
The MULTISEARCH 2 USAR movement detector is ultra-sensitive and precise! It is actually able to detect:
- strong movements to within 1 m (e.g. arm movements of a conscious person) up to 30 m unobstructed,
- and weak movements (e.g. movements of an unconscious person's rib cage due to the breathing) up to 10 m unobstructed.
It can also indicate the precise depth at which the living person is located.

UWB technology consists of sending electromagnetic waves through wreckage to detect differences of movements.
It is able to detect movements through 50 cm of concrete, but also through wood, roof tiles, bricks, glass, plastics and more. (However, note that the waves don't pass through water or metal surfaces).

The radar and associated electronics are protected by a waterproof and shockproof case to facilitate searches in small spaces.
It has a Lithium-Ion battery giving it 4 hours running time.
It connects by WiFi, making it easier to handle in the field (alternatively, a cable can be connected).

Swivels through 260°, waterproof and equipped with LED lights to located victims in the dark, it is used to visually locate people trapped in confined spaces!
Connected to an ultra-light telescopic pole, it reaches hard-to-access areas.
It is also possible to talk to victims to assess the threat to their life using the integrated communication system.

Thermal imaging makes it possible to detect a heat source quickly, even if the environment is very dark, dusty or smoky. It detects heat between 0°C and 120°C. A victim will therefore be visible even if covered with dust or a blanket or behind foliage.

The MULTI-APP control box makes this USAR kit upgradeable!
This box can also be connected to:
- the optional RD90 search camera, waterproof to 90 m (RD90 device) for explorations at great depths. The optional RD90 colour camera, waterproof to 90 m and fitted with a 90 m cable wound on a reel enables exploration at great depth. The fixed head is fitted with LED lights and does not swivel. A 90 m extension lead allows it to be lowered down to 180 m.
- and/or the seismic detection/listening equipment function with seismic sensors (SEARCH devices).

This victim location tool meets the INSARAG certification guidelines.

Find more information on the MULTI-APPLICATION box at the following link: MULTISEARCH Concept Expertise!


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