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The number of natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, flash flooding, major flooding, mudslides, landslides, avalanches, etc.) or major disasters (such as mining disasters, explosions, industrial accidents, terrorist attacks or structural collapses) has increased worldwide for several decades.

The urban search and rescue of victims trapped under rubble requires the involvement of search and rescue specialists (INSARAG USAR teams, search and rescue units, dog sniffer teams, building specialists, etc.) with very specific USAR equipment to detect and locate victims, communicate with them and then extract and rescue them.


For over 20 years, LEADER has designed cutting-edge USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) equipment to help search and rescue teams to rescue victims buried under rubble even more quickly and efficiently !

LEADER is the only manufacturer to offer a complete range of Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) equipment to detect and locate buried victims.

The in-house R&D team at LEADER and their technical expertise combined with tremendous search and rescue operations experience contributed to this product range.

These electronic search equipment aim to make it easier to detect and locate buried victims during different technical search stages (Hasty, Primary and Secondary search). They are designed to detect victims under rubble, precisely locate their position and communicate with them to determine their needs in terms of assistance and rescue.

These high-tech USAR tools dedicated to urban search and rescue (USAR) are categorised into:

  • Listening devices with seismic sensors - seismic detectors (SEARCH) for victim location and detection:
    • USAR equipment (or also named USAR listening systems) use life detection seismic technology through the vibrations created by victims, e.g. by tapping. Rescue teams then use various techniques and methods such as “filtration”, “triangulation” and “axis cross-checking” to locate the victims under the rubble.
  • Movement detection devices equipped with a UWB radar sensor (SCAN) for victim location and detection:
    • Ultra-Wide-Band rescue radars are used to detect the movements of buried victims through various materials (concrete, wood, tiles, glass, etc.) to locate them precisely using Ultra Wide Band technology.
  • Search Cameras for visual victim location and communication:
    • Search cameras (also called “inspection cameras”, “exploration cameras” or “endoscopic cameras”) are used to visually locate previously detected victims. Search and rescue cameras can precisely locate one or several victims to contact and communicate with them to assess their condition. Different types of search cam can cover different situations:
      • Colour search camera (CAM) => search in confined space
      • Thermal imaging search camera (TIC) => detecting the heat of a body in the dark
      • Waterproof search camera (RD90) => search underwater to a depth of 90 metres

All this USAR equipment to locate buried victims are applicable to different urban search and rescue phases/techniques, such as:

  • Recon
  • Hasty search
  • Primary search
  • Secondary search



For many years, LEADER has offered MONO-APP (mono-application) and even dual application urban search and rescue equipment. This includes LEADER HASTY (2-in-1 life locator device) which combined seismic detection (thanks to its seismic sensors) and visual location (thanks to its search cam) using a single control box.

=> In other words, a single control box could control two search peripherals: seismic detectors and the search and rescue camera.

Now, for complete versatility, 5 LEADER search peripherals can be connected to the same control box, called the “MULTI-APP” box.


# Two types of control box:

Two types of control box are now available: MONO-APP and MULTI-APP boxes.

  • MONO-APP (MONO-APPLICATION) control box: MONO-APP is the name given to MONO-application control boxes used to connect just a single peripheral.
    • LEADER CAM: Search equipment with a life detector camera for a visual search,
    • LEADER SEARCH: Life locator with seismic detectors (or also named acoustic sensors / detectors) to detect sound and vibrations,
      • LEADER SEARCH 2 wired sensors
      • LEADER SEARCH 3 wired sensors + 3 wireless sensors

==> Find more information about the MONO-APP box on the following page: LEADER control boxes and peripherals. (link to page N3 “boxes/peripherals” for more details).

  • MULTI-APP (MULTI-APPLICATION) control box: MULTI-APP is the name given to MULTI-application control boxes used to connect 1 to 5 peripherals in turn!
    The MULTI-APP control box was created to connect even more peripherals, allowing multiple applications with the same box!
    The MULTI-APP box is the heart of the LEADER MULTISEARCH system. Depending on operational needs in the field, it is used to connect up to 5 interchangeable peripherals in turn:
    • 1. a colour search camera (CAM) for visual searches and victim location
    • 2. a thermal imaging search camera (TIC) to detect hotspots created by victims,
    • 3. a search camera waterproof to 90 m (RD90),
    • 4. three wireless seismic sensors (SEARCH) to detect noise/vibrations made by a victim,
    • 5. a UWB radar sensor (SCAN) to detect movements through materials.

The versatility of the MULTI-APP box allows numerous peripheral combinations. The MULTISEARCH (MS) system is:

  • VERSATILE: Up to 5 interchangeable peripherals with the same control box!
  • CONFIGURABLE: Create a kit suited to your needs in terms of search and rescue operations!
  • UPGRADEABLE: Add one or several new peripherals which can be changed at any time (several months or years after purchasing the initial kit) to upgrade your kit!

==> Find more information about the MULTI-APP box on the following page: LEADER control boxes and peripherals. (link to page N3 “boxes/peripherals” for more details).





It is possible to upgrade a kit by using a MULTI-app box at any time (more information on the MULTI-APP box here).

This means you can buy a kit one year and add peripherals (Ground penetrating radar (GPR), search camera, seismic sensors, etc.) or accessories (pole, extension lead, audio headset, transport case, backpack, battery, etc.) several months/years after your initial purchase.

Do you want to upgrade a kit with additional peripherals (seismic sensors, search cam, UWB rescue radar)?
=> Discover all our USAR victim location peripherals on this page: USAR peripherals and control boxes

Do you want to upgrade a kit with accessories (pole, extension lead, audio headset, transport case, backpack, battery, etc.)?
=> Discover all our accessories for USAR life locator equipment on this page: Accessories for USAR life locator equipment

Need more information?
=> Contact us:


==> Discover the MULTISEARCH concept and all peripherals, existing kits and accessories:

  • At the following links:
    • Control boxes and peripherals,
    • Search cameras (CAM, TIC and RD90),
    • Seismic sensors (SEARCH)
    • UWB radar sensor (SCAN)
    • Accessories for USAR equipment
  • Or in our catalogue at the following link: USAR catalogue
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