Warning Alarm Stability Protection device - Leader WASP

Firefighting and USAR applications

Leader WASP allows rescuers to monitor the movement of an unstable structure during a fire operation, or during a rescue-clearance operation. In case of bigger movement than selected threshold, device triggers an alarm. So team on duty can quickly leave their position for a safer area.

Accurate for optimal safety

Leader WASP is ultra-sensitive and provides an early warning of movement (0 to 2.6 degrees) and vibration (0 to 100 Hz). This is alarmed via rotational failure of the risk that it has been attached to. The warning device is quick to implement and easy to operate.


Leader WASP safety warning system will attach to any surface in any position at any angle via a series of supplied brackets (Building, Crane, Pylon, Truck, Racking, Bridge, Concrete plate, Strut, etc).

Teams using Leader WASP

Rescue teams using Leader WASP include Fire departments in the UK, Germany, International and National USAR teams in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, China, UK, Germany, Norway, Croatia, Vietnam, Denmark, and various commercial companies.
Product features
Technical sheet


The Leader WASP or Warning Alarm for Stability Protection was initially developed for the UK International Search and Rescue team, of which Matt Keogh was a member for 27 years. Matt is the creator of WASP and LEADER is now undertaking its manufacturing and promotion.

The stability controller was specifically designed for movement detection to protect USAR staff when entering earthquake damaged buildings because of spending hours in buildings breaching through floors all the time unaware if actions made were weakening the structure further.

Leader WASP safety monitoring and warning device gives rescue crews an early warning of failure allowing them to realise what they were doing (Breaching, Shoring, Tech Search) was possibly going to cause collapse of the unstable structure.

Leader WASP detects movement (0.1 to 2.6 degrees) and vibration (0.5 to 100 Hz) simultaneously or not. Alarm is triggered due to rotational failure of the sructure that it has been attached to. It was purely designed for risk reduction to personnel working in close proximity to a risk that had the potential of further movement/collapse of USAR operations.

Leader WASP allows quick implementation with easy configuration. It is robust and compact and is ultra-sensitive.

Leader WASP comes more and more under International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) coordination:UK ISAR, DART Singapore, etc..

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Primary function
Monitors movements and vibrations on unstabilised or stabilised structures for early warning of movement
1 or 2 monitoring units in one set. They are not linkable.
Risk during implementation
Rescuer must get close to or onto the structure to be monitored. However rescuers know level of risk and act accordingly to use Leader WASP.
Seismic + Accelerometer sensors
Monitoring method
Detects rotation movement from 0.1° to 2.6° and / or vibration from 0.5hz to 100hz.
Live monitoring
No indication on box
Unit calibration in field
20 sec to 30 sec
Several alarm volume levels or Mute
Alarm option
Flash light
Red lights on the 4 sides with 2 blinking rythm according working info or alarm triggering
Designed for applications near crews at work in confined spaces but also outdoor situations
It detects movements of angle, not homogeneous translation (an opening door), not if lowered (a dropping/rising lift or strut leg)
Power supply
4x 1,5V C cell batteries for 1 week continuous work
Running time
1 week in continuous work
Small heavy cube to carry and place. Has integral magnet for fixing on metal. Need bracket accessories to be attached to structure.
Recalibration not needed. Annual servicing on request.
12 months


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