Safety and monitoring equipment

Some rescue missions require the hiring of rescuers when an area is not completely secure and the risk of collapse is still present. LEADER, Urban Search and Rescue equipment manufacturer for several decades, offers monitoring and protection devices to enable USAR teams, rescuers and firefighters to accomplish their missions in complete safety
In order to preserve the safety of the rescuers themselves, LEADER offers 3 monitoring devices including two complementary technologies to alert the teams in intervention (USAR or FIRE) of the movement of unstable and dangerous structures / objects:
    - LEADER SENTRY - Stability monitor telemeter: It’s a stability controller equipped with a long-range laser. It detects the slightest movement of an unstable structure up to a distance of 50 m.
    - LEADER WASP - Movement monitoring system: It’s a Warning Alarm for Stability Protection. Attachable to all types of materials thanks to its numerous accessories, it can be placed directly in contact with a dangerous structure and thus alerts the rescue teams working in or near the supervised structure.
    - LEADER VOLT: Electrical current detector. It alerts the emergency services to the risk of the presence of alternating electrical current, and helps locate the source of potential risk in order to secure an intervention area.



Specifically designed for firefighting and Urban Search and Rescue operations, our safety and monitoring equipment are designed to protect rescue teams (Civil defense / Firefighters / Rescue teams / Team leaders / Doctors / Paramedics, etc.) in hostile environments.

Rescuers are often called upon to intervene in dangerous environments, where their own safety may be involved. Indeed, they intervene on building structures generally weakened by disasters such as:

  • climatic events (storms, torrential floods, floods, heavy snowfall, etc.);
  • land movements (landslides, collapses, mudslides, etc.);
  • building collapses following an explosion (gas leak, bomb, etc.), fire, dilapidated premises;
  • accidents on site, in air or rail mode of transport (heavy extrication following train accidents, road accidents: heavy goods vehicles, etc.);
  • earthquakes.

When monitoring an unstable structure, it is important to ensure the stability of the building. Motion/movement detection seems the ideal solution.



LEADER offers two completely complementary cutting-edge technologies to secure intervention areas around unstable buildings or objects. They are able to detect the slightest movement of an unstable structure and can alert rescue teams of the imminent collapse of the monitored structure thanks to their powerful alarm.

  • The LEADER SENTRY stability monitor telemeter monitors the stability of a building complex remotely by targeting a precise point indicating the overall stability of the structure.
    Stability monitor equipped with a laser with a range of 50 meters, is positioned in front of the target (object or structure showing signs of instability that could generate a danger for the responders).
    Equipped with a telescopic sight, it is necessary to "point" the laser on the target, then to specify, via the interface, located below the screen, the desired sensitivity. With 7 levels of detection, it varies between 2 and 100 mm.
    The screen indicates the distance between the LEADER SENTRY and the target, the selected threshold and the variation range. Thus, if a movement transverse to the target occurs, the variation is displayed and if the set limit is exceeded, the device triggers a visual and auditory alarm (105 dB at 1 meter).
    Getting started is simple and intuitive. The stability controller has been designed to be implemented quickly and in all situations.
    To guarantee maximum safety, LEADER markets an offer with two Structure stability monitoring telemeter in order to point the same target but from a different angle. Thus, it is possible to monitor the structure from two different angles.


  • The LEADER WASP Movement monitoring system, for its part, makes it possible to position a “bell” as close as possible to the risk zone, in which rescuers work.
    The LEADER WASP is a movement / vibration monitoring system with alarm. It is also named “Warning Alarm for Stability Protection”. The LEADER WASP unit monitors the stability of the structure, in the area where the team is engaged.
    Its operation is based on the continuous detection of two factors that may indicate an imminent collapse: the rotary movement and the frequency variation.
    Rotary movement indicates a change in angle of the device; This can happen when the structure collapses even minutely. The detection range is low (0.1 to 2.6 °), in order to guarantee maximum safety.
    The frequency variation, on the other hand, makes it possible to identify vibrations that may come from a seismic aftershock or simply from the movement of a load-bearing element of the structure. Its detection area is also low (0.5 to 100 Hz) for maximum efficiency.
    The LEADER WASP ensures the stability monitoring of the structure in which the rescuers engage. In the event of movements, even imperceptible ones, the alarm allows a rapid and beneficial withdrawal of the teams.


LEADER offers a convenient "bundle" including the two safety and monitoring equipment. The two devices are a real solution for securing response teams: quick to set up, high precision, guaranteeing rescue teams the safety they deserve!


Used all over the world, our safety and monitoring equipment can be used in many other applications when rescuers need to be instantly alerted to the movement of a mass, object, structure:

  • Mine monitoring,
  • Monitoring of emergency shoring located in areas with high seismic risk,
  • Monitoring of damaged buildings: floors, slabs, posts, beams, walls, trees during fire, storms, etc.
  • Surveillance of the roof of a store following heavy snowfall,
  • Landslide - Monitoring of rock threatening to collapse,
  • Scaffolding and crane monitoring during construction sites,
  • Monitoring of ephemeral structures such as marquees and bleachers,


The LEADER SENTRY and the LEADER WASP are essential tools for securing areas dedicated to urban search and rescue operations (USAR operations) but they are also widely used as firefighter intervention equipment for monitoring structures weakened following a fire.



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