Structural movement telemeter
Leader SENTRY B1

Firefighter and USAR applications

Leader SENTRY WIRELESS laser allows the rescuer to monitor risky unstable structures during fire or rescue first responses, like heavy rescue road accident, trench rescue, land slide, building collapse, rescue-clearance operation, etc…

Wireless connection

The Single laser can be paired with an optional remote control allowing easy management of all settings at 100m distance. This option avoids going back and forth to the laser.

Accurate for optimal safety

The Leader SENTRY WIRELESS detects a movement of 1 mm at a distance of 50 m. A telescopic sight accurately helps targeting the unstable object that must be secured.


Multiple maximum movement thresholds (from 2 to 100 mm) can be selected. When a movement is sensed that exceeds the selected threshold, the sound alarm is triggered (105 dB) together with powerful 360° flashlights.
It continuously monitors detected movements and displays changes for real-time awareness.
Product features


Leader SENTRY is a stability monitor that detects the structural movements of an unstable building. Its laser continuously monitors detected movements and displays changes for real-time awareness.

Leader SENTRY can detect a 1 mm structure movement at a distance of 50 m! A telescopic sight helps to point the laser accurately at the targeted unstable structure.

It allows firefighters and USAR teams to be alerted by a visual and audio alarm (105dB) when a structure movement, however small, is detected.

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