Structural movement monitor telemeter / stability controller

The control of the risk taken by rescuers when they enter structures weakened by an earthquake, by a fire, by an explosion or even by a movement of ground, has taken a step forward with the acquisition a LEADER SENTRY Structural movement monitor ! The LEADER SENTRY is a stability controller which can be used to monitor an unstable structure and warn of the imminent risk of collapse of a nearby building or building where SAR teams are working (rescuers, firefighters, emergency workers, doctors, etc.).
This movement monitoring system can also help secure a working zone. It provides additional safety for USAR teams or firefighting teams and helps them to focus on their work searching rubble

This structural movement monitor telemeter uses a laser which detects the smallest movement of structures in the direction where it is pointed.
 If the structure movement exceeds the threshold chosen during configuration, a powerful alarm sounds to alert the teams nearby. 

The LEADER SENTRY stability monitor reacts to movements of 5 to 10 mm measured on potentially dangerous masses: floors, slabs, rocks, posts, beams, walls, trees, bridges, etc.

This stability controller is mainly used for structures made fragile by :

  • earthquakes,
  • bombing,
  • a gas explosion,
  • fire...
  • or any other disaster. 

The LEADER SENTRY ensures a continuous watch against the accident related to a unexpected collapse faced with a structure weakened by :

  • the embedding of a vehicle,
  • a movement of land,
  • a fire,
  • or during a rail traffic accident, etc ...

The Leader SENTRY Structural movement monitor telemeter can be used with one or two lasers connected to the console
The 2nd version is the most commonly used: Two laser beams operate simultaneously in order to mark out two sides of the building and therefore optimise movement detection from two axis. 

This laser technology detects front and back movement, but not sideways movements. 

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