Movement monitoring system for unstable structures

Invented by Matt KEOGH (former Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue firefighter and member of the UK - ISAR team) the LEADER WASP Movement monitoring system for unstable structures has already proven its worth in numerous urban search and rescue operations around the world.
Also named Warning Alarm for Stability Protection, the LEADER WASP is a Movement monitoring system that allows rescuers to monitor the movement of an unstable structure during a fire response or during a rescue operation.
If the selected threshold is exceeded, the device triggers a powerful alarm. Thus, the engaged rescue team can quickly leave their post to return to shelter.

LEADER WASP continuously monitors and detects two factors that may indicate an impending collapse:

  • rotary movement (from 0.1 ° to 2.6 °) : Rotary movement indicates a change in angle of the device; This can happen when the unstable structure collapses even minutely.
  • the frequency variation (e 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz) : The frequency variation, on the other hand, makes it possible to identify vibrations that may come from a seismic aftershock or simply from the movement of a load-bearing element of the unstable structure.


The LEADER WASP ensures the monitoring of the stability of the structure in the area where the team is engaged.
Its magnetic base allows it to be easily and quickly attached to any surface and in any position.
In the event of movements, even imperceptible to the weakened structure to which it is attached to, the powerful alarm alerts the rescue teams in intervention so that they can take shelter as quickly as possible.

The LEADER WASP Movement monitoring device provides protection from: 

  • Collapsed structures
  • Road traffic collisions
  • Trench rescues
  • Movement of shoring systems
  • Structural fires
  • Internal breach operations
  • Dangerous structures following fire / flood
  • Other incidents

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