Our sales manager recently led an advanced training session for Guayaquil firefighters, providing them with a valuable opportunity to familiarize themselves with our USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) equipment. This intensive training has enabled the attending firefighters to acquire the necessary skills to effectively use our state-of-the-art equipment and be fully operational during emergency interventions.

The training focused on the usage of some of our most advanced rescue equipment, such as the LEADER MULTISEARCH victim detector, renowned for its unparalleled precision in locating individuals trapped under rubbles. Thanks to this essential tool, firefighters are now better prepared to swiftly locate and rescue victims in case of disasters.

Among the other equipment covered in the training were the LEADER WASP and LEADER SENTRY safety and monitoring equipment. These advanced pieces of equipment ensure the safety and protection of firefighters when facing potentially hazardous situations, empowering them to operate with confidence in hostile environments.

Another crucial aspect addressed during the training was the use of the BATFAN 3 Li+ battery-powered firefighting fan. This powerful and portable fan is designed to rapidly control fires by providing efficient ventilation and eliminating toxic fumes, allowing firefighters to better safeguard lives and properties during emergency situations. It also allows the air to be renewed in confined spaces.

Thanks to this comprehensive training, the Guayaquil firefighters are now fully prepared and ready to respond during disasters, saving lives in the process. At LEADER, we take pride in contributing to the safety of communities and providing high-quality rescue equipment for first responders.

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July 2023

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