LEADER WASP - BOSTON Power Plant Collapse

LEADER WASP - BOSTON Power Plant Collapse

On May 4, the old power plant in South Boston collapsed. Crews on site were tasked with removing asbestos from the former Edison power plant in preparation for the demolition of the 1898 building when the accident occurred. A construction worker at the scene told NBC10 Boston and NECN they were working when something fell on his co-workers.

Boston police, firefighters, EMS crews and search and rescue teams were quickly deployed after the structural collapse of the old Edison power plant.

Two injured people were immediately evacuated, but a third victim was trapped under the rubble. The 33-year-old was eventually pulled from the rubble and taken to hospital.

The LEADER WASP stability controller was used during the rescue-rescue intervention to secure the rescue teams.
Indeed, it allows rescuers to monitor the movement of an unstable structure during the intervention. If the selected threshold is exceeded, the device triggers a powerful alarm to warn the rescue teams on site of an imminent collapse.
Thus, the rescue team involved can quickly leave their post to get back to shelter.
The LEADER WASP monitors the stability of the structure in the area where the team is engaged. The LEADER WASP motion and vibration controller/detector has already proven itself on numerous Rescue/Clearing operations around the world.

The LEADER WASP can also be used during demolition operations to monitor a construction site in order to warn workers of an impending collapse.

The action of the LEADER WASP can be supplemented by the use of the LEADER SENTRY laser range telemeter which also monitors the movements of a structure at distance. 
LEADER also offers a wide range of rescue equipment for search and rescue operations such as search camera, life detector with seismic sensors, search radar...

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