VOLVO opts for the Easy 4000!

EASY 4000 at Volvo

Last January 2015, an Easy 4000 large flow ventilation fan was delivered to the fire safety department of the VOLVO engine manufacturing plant at Skvode, Sweden.

The LEADER staff went to meet the teams to give them a training in the handling and maintaining of this large flow fan.

VOLVO's foundries are regularly smoked out, causing rather frequent production stops. To solve this problem, VOLVO opted to buy the EASY 4000 high-flowrate fan to reduce smoke-clearing time at its production sites.

EASY 4000 is designed for the smoke extraction of large structures such as underground car parks, airports, aircrafts on the ground, rails and road tunnels, warehouses, etc …

Efficient and powerful, it can clear a 106,000 cubic feet warehouse (3000 m³ ) of smoke in 30 seconds!

Large flow fan volvo


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