Paris fire brigade adopts our technology!

Ventilation opérationnelle

The Paris fire brigade has chosen to acquire 60 ventilation modules composed of 2 LEADER fans in order to renew its fleet of fans used in operational ventilation techniques.

Two fans selected:

1 main fanLEADER electric fan ESV245 XP with speed variator blowing up to 41,500 m³/h.
1 auxiliary fanLEADER electric fan SR460 blowing up to 13,000 m³/h and allowing the air flow to be relayed and oriented.

These ventilation modules are mainly used in operational ventilation, also named combined ventilation.

This technique consists in:

the stairwell pressurization by using a high power main fanplaced on the floor at the entrance of a building and,
the airflow redirection created by using an auxiliary fan at the floor on fire to attack the fire.

This operational ventilation technique is used simultaneously with water extinguishing systems. An opening and an outgoing will of course have been created beforehand.

Combining defensive ventilation and offensive ventilation this technique allows the quick and controlled evacuation of smoke and hot gases. It helps to fight more effectively against fires in apartments by combining the air and the water during the extinction operation while increasing the safety of the firefighter in action. This technique increases the visibility and decreases the temperature. It also avoids the spread of fire.


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