LEADER and BIOEX took part in the 3rd edition of the “JIDE” conference (Jornada Integral de Destrezas en Emergences) which was held in the city of Ezeiza (ARGENTINA) from November 4 to 6th.

The main mission of this public and free event -organized by the Ministry of Security- was:

  • For rescue professionals:
    • forge links and exchange experiences,
    • promote training,
    • promote the development of protocols to be followed in emergency situations.
  • For the general public:
    • become familiar with behaviors and knowledge that, in emergency situations, can save and/or protect lives.

The LEADER team and its distributor Trabajo & Rescate have conducted several conferences on operational ventilation as well as on the environmental impact of fire fighting foam concentrates. LEADER, as search and rescue equipment manufacturer, also exhibited and presented several of these USAR life locator for searching for victims in urban areas.


November 2022

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