EASY 4000 delivered in Sweden !

easy 4000 in sweden

Last April 2015, SANDVIKEN, company specialized in the production of stainless steel located at Sandvik in Sweden, acquired a large flow blower fan EASY 4000.

On this occasion, the LEADER team alongside its distributor in Sweden, have met the firemen of the company and provided training to the implementation and maintenance of the fan.

The foundries of the company can be quickly smoky causing production stops. To solve this type of problem, SANDVIKEN chose to acquire the large flow blower fan EASY 4000 to reduce smoke-clearing time of its production sites but also to facilitate the intervention of their fire crews in case of disaster.

During this training, all participants were very impressed with the power and ease of use of this fan specially designed for smoke extraction of large volumes such as underground car parks, airports, aircrafts on the ground, railways, road tunnels and warehouses.

EASY 4000 sweden


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