2023 National Firefighters Convention - TOULOUSE

Congrès National Sapeurs-Pompiers 2023 - TOULOUSE

Here's a review of the National Firefighters Convention 2023, held in Toulouse from 4th to 7th October, which was marked by the presentation of a number of major innovations for the industry.

Here's an overview of the highlights of this not-to-be-missed event:

1. The ZELUP Twin-fluid mobile firefighting system: One of the most remarkable innovations presented at the conference. This promising breakthrough innovation offers firefighters a number of advantages: 

  • + EFFICIENT: A unique, patented process for breaking up water droplets, which improves the quality of fire-fighting.
  • + SECURE: Cools flue gases, reduces radiated flux and captures suspended particles.
  • + ECOLOGICAL: Reasonable use of water, consuming 6 to 8 times less than a conventional nozzle.
  • + SIMPLE: Easier to use, it offers great manoeuvrability and flexibility for all firefighters.

2. FIREFIGHTING BATTERY FAN WITH SWAPPABLE LITHIUM BATTERY, BATFAN 4: This battery-powered fire-fighting fan is more powerful than its predecessor, the BATFAN 3 LI+! It delivers 32,020 m3/h! 

3. FIREFIGHTING BATTERY FAN WITH SWAPPABLE LITHIUM BATTERY, BATFAN LUKAS: This battery-powered fire-fighting fan is unique in that it works with the batteries of LUKAS brand extrication equipment. This avoids having to multiply the number of batteries and chargers in the vehicle.

4. LARGE-FLOW VENTILATOR, EASY 5000: With a flow rate of 1,120,000 m³/h, it's the most powerful high-speed fan on the market!  

A conference entitled "ZELUP, the two-phase revolution" was held on Thursday 05 October 2023 to present this system and the many benefits it brings to firefighters in action. Discover or rediscover this conference at the following link: https://youtu.be/s6zkVhaM19A?si=-QlzKq0Qcj3BAvxi 


Toulouse, 7 October 2023



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