LEADER, search and rescue and firefighting equipment manufacturer

Since 1985, LEADER has developed, manufactured and supplied increasingly high performance search & rescue and firefighter equipment, we supply to Fire & Rescue Departments (Firefighters), Public Safety services, At-risk industries, the Navy and other armed forces, NGOs, etc. across five continents. LEADER offers innovative equipment for firefighting, search and rescue, fire extinguishing training or for working in explosive atmospheres in industry: 

With a strong national presence, LEADER is one of the top search and rescue and firefighting material manufacturers in France. Also, with a significant international presence, LEADER is one of the leading USAR equipment suppliers and firefighter equipment suppliers worldwide. LEADER S.A.S. now has over 65 employees and is part of the LEADER GROUP which is made up of 3 complementary business lines: LEADER, BIOEX and TEMPEST.


To deal with ever-changing fire risks and search and rescue missions, firefighting equipment must continue to develop and adapt to be increasingly efficient, whilst ensuring that firefighters are as safe as possible. To respond to these challenges, LEADER, a search and rescue equipment and firefighting equipment manufacturer, is strongly focused on innovation and new technologies, employing its own Research and Development team. This team develops and promotes future equipment to end users. To test equipment and assess performance, LEADER continues to invest in its own infrastructures

  • Water and high expansion foam (400 m²) test premises 
  • Ventilation (400 m²) test premises
  • Test premises for victim search equipment 
  • Box fire testing area
  • Fire extinguishing equipment testing area


When a customer chooses LEADER equipment, they can be  guaranteed that they are getting high-quality and compliant products. These products have been created and tested in company workshops by professionals specialising in mechanics and electronics. ISO 9001 certified since 1999, LEADER: 

  • Performs inspections throughout the manufacturing process, as well as on finished products before dispatch, 
  • Continually trains all employees


Every LEADER product has a specific contract warranty. 


Since 1985, LEADER has studied the challenges linked to firefighting and search and rescue missions and offers adapted solutions. Through its sales team, its subsidiaries in Germany and the USA, branches in Latin America and China, and an international distribution network, LEADER operates throughout the world to work as closely as possible with its customers.


To ensure optimal and long-term use of the equipment, LEADER offers training on setup, usage and maintenance. This training can be provided at the company’s premises or at the customer’s site.