LEADER GROUP, USAR and firefighting equipment manufacturer

For over 35 years, thanks to its focus on service, the different companies making up the LEADER GROUP work alongside their customers with professionalism and purpose.
Their multi-disciplinary expertise offers a combination of high quality services and high-tech products. 
Innovation is one of the Group’s key focuses; it relies on a continual improvement system, approval processes and meticulous certifications


To design and supply firefighting and search and rescue professionals and security managers with high-tech, strong and reliable USAR and firefighting material in all circumstances, to protect and rescue people and assets.


LEADER GROUP is made up of 3 complementary business lines with 140 employees: 

  • LEADER S.A.S based in Octeville sur Mer, France (76): Design, manufacture and sale of firefighting, search and rescue and training equipment worldwide. 
  • BIOEX based in Montrottier, France (69): Development, manufacture and sale of firefighting foam and foam additives worldwide.
  • TEMPEST based in Fresno, USA: Design, manufacture and sale of firefighting equipment (blowers and saws) worldwide.

LEADER GROUP has a global offer based on complementary technologies with the same purpose: to protect and save. This wealth of skills enables the LEADER Group to position itself today as an essential manufacturer of fire and emergency equipment.


To remain a leading search and rescue and firefighting equipment supplier, the LEADER GROUP uphold a set of important CORE GROUP VALUES such as:

  • LISTENING: A quality which encourages continual improvement based on a good understanding of customer needs.
  • INNOVATION: The driving force of the group on a daily basis and leading our core strategy! 
  • TEAMWORK: Liaising and supporting each other, sharing ideas that encourage diversity to progress and a shared focus to meet objectives.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Teams working within the group are trained and qualified. Everyone is dedicated to contributing their skills to the customer.
  • SAFETY: Safety is a daily commitment for everyone.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Initiatives highlight each person’s effort to work towards new areas of development.