Firefighting nozzles

The range of firefighting nozzles offered by LEADER includes all the nozzles needed by firefighters and covers a wide range of situations. 
With the latest technical developments, they are now offered in aluminium or composite material
Each firefighter nozzle meets the firefighter’s requirements and provides a optimal water spray in all circumstances. 
From the selectable flow nozzle to the high pressure nozzle, LEADER wanted to design its own nozzles combining technicality, reliability but also strength and manoeuvrability :

The quality of the materials used and the high precision machining guarantee perfect water sprays in all circumstances in order to absorb heat flows. 

Available with an automatic or selectable flow, each firefighting nozzle adapts to the needs of each firefighter.

LEADER wanted to innovate by offering two types of material to its customers: the well-known aluminium and FiberTech®, a composite material with numerous benefits: 

  • slightly lighter than aluminium,
  • it is long-lasting and has the same mechanical qualities as aluminium,
  • it offers greater resistance to corrosion than aluminium and bronze, notably in salt water environments,
  • heat resistant, it does not deform and naturally isolates the user from the cold. 

LEADER wanted to combine appeal, technicality and ergonomics to create a high-performance and efficient firefighter nozzle. 

Backdraft, flash-over… Fire-fighters face a multitude of risks during their operations. To facilitate fire operations and protect the operators, LEADER branches have multiple strengths such as :

  1. Body in FiberTech® composite (regular size) or hard anodized aluminium (all sizes)
  2. Wide tactile marker indicates maximum flow (MultiFlow)
  3. Large and bright tactile indicator for narrow cone fog attack position
  4. Spray teeth: Generate a fog of very fine droplets for cooling combustion gases. Spinning turbine teeth (option available for regular size nozzles)
  5. Bumper made of polyurethane resistant to high temperatures, hydrocarbons and aggressive chemicals.
  6. Laser-etched marking for greater fire resistance. 
  7. Wide range of flowrates: selector ring includes a flush position.
  8. Ergonomic pistol grip insulated against the cold.
  9. Swivel inlet
  10. Inlet screen keeps out debris (except 1'' version and large size nozzles)
  11. Flow control handle: Large, easy to grasp / Ideal design for the pulsing technique / 5 detent positions (4 open + 1 closed) / Encapsulated detent system: Always clean and operational
  12. Stainless steel slide valve for progressive opening/closing. Reduces water hammer effect (compact and regular size nozzles)

The LEADER nozzles are available in 3 different sizes :

  • Compact,
  • Regular,
  • Large.

Accessories such as foam adapters are available to extend the possibilities of use and adapt it to the field. 
It is also possible to personalise each fire nozzle with different colour triggers.


LEADER, well-know firefighting equipment supplier, has many others firefighting material such as portable fire monitor, infrared camera for firefighting, fire ventilator, foam dosing system, etc..



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