Electric fan


As a three-phase electric fan, it has the advantage of producing no exhaust gas and it is less noisy than its equivalent with petrol-driven engine.


The speed and concentrated shape of the EASY POW'AIR jet entrains surrounding air, thereby increasing the fan's flow rate. The force and stability of the jet gives constant and optimal efficiency from 2 to 6 m between fan and opening. This creates valuable space for intervention teams working in/around the entrance. Ventilators with EASY POW'AIR TECHNOLOGY are equipped with an automatic tilt of +10° (adjustable up to +20°) to ventilate entrance steps, landings, raised doors and windows, etc.

Ideal for NPV (Negative Pressure Ventilation) of underground parking lots.

PARKFAN 80 has been designed to provide an easy to implement and efficient solution for the smoke extraction of underground parking lots. The performance/manoeuvrability ratio of these fans remains unmatched. A single firefighter can easily implement 1 or 2 PARKFAN. Once PARKFAN is placed within the smoke-filled volume, it is oriented outwards and upwards, thus the air flow generated and the fumes are expelled. Designed to be positioned inside the smoke-filled volume, it is equipped with a radio remote control (with a range of 30 m) to allow remote start and adjustment of its flow rate. PARKFAN is also equipped with an integrated misting system to cool the engine when needed during use.
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Designed specifically for the smoke extraction of underground parking lots, PARKFAN 80 is easy and quick to install by one person. Equipped with a wireless remote control, it can be placed inside the smoke-filled place and remotely controlled from the outside.

Equipped with EASY POW'AIR technology, it generates a concentrated and powerful air jet. Electric, it does not produce exhaust fumes.
As a three-phase electric fan, it requires a suitable power supply.


Open air flow
115,700 m³/h
83 kg
Dimensions W x H x D
710 x 720 x 678 mm
Propeller diameter
7.5KW with variable-speed drive IP65
Power supply
400V 50/60Hz Three-phase
Mains plug
CE male plug – 400V 16A IP67
Noise level
96.3 dB at 3m
Ventilation type
NPV extraction and PPV blowing
Single door (houses, small buildings, etc.) and double door (very tall buildings, medium-size industrial units, etc.)
Special feature
Integrates a 2.4Ghz radio remote control for ON/OFF control and speed variation. Range: 30m
Integrated mister
1’’ BSP female inlet - 16 l/min at 7 bar


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