Electric fan


Electric, it has the advantage of producing no toxic emissions and to be quieter than an equivalent fan that would be equipped with a petrol-driven engine.

EASY POW'AIR technology

EASY POW'AIR technology allows ventilators to generate a powerful and concentrated air jet allowing to position the ventilator at a distance of 2 to 6 m from the opening. This frees up space for intervention teams. In addition, they are equipped with an automatic tilting system that allows ventilation of entrance steps, landings, raised doors and windows, etc.

2 engine versions available

This fan is available with 2.2 KW engine with direct start (ES245) or with 2.2KW engine with variable-speed drive (ESV245).
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The lightest of its class, ESV245 weighs only 53 kg for a flow rate of 49,050 m³/h. This electric fan is available in 2.2KW version or 2.2KW version with variable-speed drive.


Open air flow
49050 m³/h
PPV flow rate according to AMCA 240
28,450 m³/h
ESV245: 53 kg
ES245: 50.5 kg
Dimensions W x H x D
710 x 720 x 617 mm
Propeller diameter
ESV245: 2.2 kW with variable speed drive – IP55
ES245: 2.2 kW – IP55
Power supply
ESV245: 220V 50/60Hz Single-phase
ES245: 220V 50Hz Single-phase
Electrical safety
Meets NF EN 50178 standard for user safety (leakage current less than 3.5 mA)
ESV245: 14 A
ES245: 15.5 A
Mains plug
CE male plug
Noise level
88.7 dB at 3m
Ventilation type
PPV blowing
Single door (houses, small buildings, etc.) and double door (very tall buildings, medium-size industrial units, etc.)


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