Battery Fan with swappable lithium battery
BATFAN 3 Li + (50min)

Multi-use: PPV, extraction, foam, misting system.

It can be used: Indoor and outdoor: IP66 For PPV, alone or combined with other fans For blowing or extraction through ducts As a foam generator with adapter For rehab of the crew after intervention

Powerful, autonomous and compact

18,600 m³ / h constant for 50 min with a single battery - 1h40 with 2 batteries. Benefiting from NEO technology (ovalized jet), the BATFAN 3 Li + has the best compact / performance ratio.

IP65 swappable lithium battery

Quick battery change in less than 5 seconds! The BATFAN 3 Li + swappable batteries are IP65. Their large capacity makes it possible to maintain a constant speed throughout the operation. The batteries are equipped with a battery level indicator allowing you to check the battery level without having to put the battery in the fan. A full charge requires only 3 hours for an autonomy of 50 min in operation.

Ergonomic, stable and easy use

Designed to be transported quickly to the operation site, the BATFAN 3 Li + has a design allowing easy and comfortable carrying: by hand, over the shoulder, or in the prone or dorsal position. Its swappable battery allows to carry the fan on one side and the battery on the other for better load distribution. Thanks to its wide base, it offers unequaled stability in intervention, even on uneven and inclined floors ... It will not fall over in case of an impact. Tilt adjustment from + 65 ° to - 90 ° (allowing flat positioning over a manhole). Lighting by 10 LEDs of the blowing area. Integrated charger: - charging during use on the mains. - fast external charger (90% in 2 hours). Control by flush buttons = reduced risk of breakage (membrane keyboard to ensure robustness in operation).
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50 minutes at 18,600m³ / h without progressive loss of flowrate. Equipped with a swappable battery, BATFAN 3 Li+ allows operations to be carried out independently. The use of a second battery extends the autonomy to 1h40. Possibility of being connected to the mains for a charge during the intervention.
NEO technology: Oval jet allowing the introduction of maximum air into the building.

Lightweight and equipped with a carrying handle and strap, it is portable by one person.
Folds up and stows easily in the trunk of a vehicle. Two BATFAN occupy the space of one conventional fan.
It is ideal for intervention in boats (navy).

The BATFAN 3 Li+ is quicker to set-up than conventional fans. Thanks to its swappable lithium battery, BATFAN 3 Li+ is completely autonomous and can be started instantly without wasting time looking for a power outlet.
Its design in two articulated parts gives it excellent stability.


Open air flow
29,270 m³/h
PPV flow rate according to AMCA 240
18,600 m³/h
Dimensions W x H x D
Retracted:540 x 530 x 270 mm
Propeller diameter
420 mm
50 min at full speed / 3h30 at 60%
600W with variable-speed drive – IP66
Power supply
Self-contained:Swappable Li-ion battery
Connected: Single-phase 220V - 50/60 Hz or 110V - 50/60 Hz
Electrical safety
Meets NF EN 50178 standard for user safety (leakage current less than 3.5 mA)
Consumption in steady operation
4A when connected to 220V / 8A when connected to 110V
Power supply plug
CE–220V male plug or US-110V male plug
Charging and balancing time
3h with external charger (2h at 90%)
7h30min with built in charger
Designed to withstand a 1,5m drop
Noise level
76.8 dB at 3m
Ventilation type
PPV, combined PPV and Extraction
from +65° to -90°
10 LED
Rotationally moulded HDPE
BATfan - 3 years / Battery - 1 year


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