Electric fans

LEADER electric fans guarantee optimum efficiency thanks to the Easy Pow’Air and NEO technologies
Compatible with different types of 110V or 220V power supplies, single phase or triple phase, 50 or 60 Hz, they require almost no upkeep and do not release any exhaust gas.
The wide range of LEADER electric fans can deal with all working conditions. 
From the BATFAN portable battery powered ventilator to the ATEX fan, everyone will find a product adapted to their needs. 
The electric fans can be equipped with a direct or progressive start-up system. 

LEADER wanted to develop its own technologies like EASY POW’AIR which reinforces the air drive effect of turbo fans
It is also possible to choose an electric fan equipped with NEO technology. This second technology is the optimal combination of a propeller, coupled with a highly technical grille made of composite material, itself associated with a reinforced mono-block frame. This helps reach unrivalled performance by generating an oval jet of air which covers the majority of the working surface. 
An automatic tilting system ensures that it is always in the correct position! 
These various assets allow the fan to be positioned at an ideal distance between 2 and 6 m from the opening, whilst conserving optimum performance. 

The space created and the low level of noise due to the electric motor makes operational communication easier. 

For wheeled models, the wide and stable frame design ensures the fan always stays in place, even if it needs to be tilted to work on a landing or facing stairs. 

If you want a more manoeuvrable model, the BATFAN portable fan or EFAN battery fan, which is an autonomous battery powered blower, guarantees maximum flexibility and can work as close to the fire as a booster fan.



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