Firefighting battery fan with swappable lithium battery

Runs on LUKAS extractable lithium batteries

The BATFAN 3 LUKAS has the particularity of working with the batteries of LUKAS rescue equipment! If you are already equipped with LUKAS extrication equipment, the BATFAN 3 LUKAS is made for you! In fact, you no longer need to carry around several different types of batteries! Interchangeable, the batteries can be changed quickly in less than 5 seconds, so you can get on with another job! Their high capacity means they can maintain a constant speed throughout operation. The batteries are fitted with a level indicator so you can check the battery level without having to put the battery in the fan. Autonomy (at constant maximum speed over the entire discharge time) :
  • 20 minutes with 2 x 5Ah batteries
  • 35 minutes with 2 x 9Ah batteries

Multi-purpose: PPV, extraction, foam, misting.

It can be used : Indoors and outdoors: IP66. PPV alone or combined with other fans. Supply or extraction with duct. Foam generator with adapter. As a Rehab fogger.

Powerful, autonomous and compact

18,600 m³/h (AMCA flow rate) constant for 35 min with 1 pair of 9Ah batteries - 1h10 with 2 pairs of 9Ah batteries. Featuring NEO technology (oval jet), the BATFAN 3 LUKAS has an excellent compactness/performance ratio.

Ergonomic, stable and practical

The BATFAN 3 LUKAS is designed to be transported quickly to the scene of an incident, making it easy and comfortable to carry: by hand, slung over the shoulder, on the stomach or on the back. Thanks to its wide base, it offers unequalled stability when in use, even on uneven or sloping ground. It won't tip over in the event of an impact. Tilt adjustment from +65° to -90° (for flat positioning over a manhole). 10 LEDs illuminate the blowing area. Flush button operation = reduced risk of damage (membrane keypad for robust operation). Designed to hold Rehab sheaths, foam adapters and misters.
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35 minutes at 18,600 m³/h (AMCA flow rate) with no gradual loss of flow. The BATFAN 3 LUKAS is fitted with two extractable, interchangeable/replaceable batteries, enabling it to work autonomously. The use of a second pair of batteries increases the autonomy to 1h10.
NEO technology: Ovalized jet for maximum air flow into the building.

Lightweight and equipped with a handle and carrying strap, it can be carried by a single person. Foldable for easy storage in the trunk of a vehicle. Two BATFAN 3 LUKAS take up the same space as a single conventional fan.

The BATFAN 3 LUKAS is quicker to install than conventional fans. In fact, thanks to its LUKAS extractable/removable lithium batteries, it is totally autonomous and can be started up instantly without wasting time looking for a power outlet.
Its articulated two-part design gives it excellent stability.


Open air flow
29 270 m³/h
AMCA 240 flow rate
18 600 m³/h
20.2 kg without battery
22.6 kg with 2 5Ah batteries
23.4 kg with 2 9Ah batteries
Dimensions W x H x D
Folded:540 x 530 x 270 mm
Propeller diameter
420 mm
35 min with 2 9Ah LUKAS batteries
Operating temperature
-20°C / +55°C on mains
-15°C / +45°C on batteries
600 W
Power supply
Interchangeable Li-ion battery or mains supply
Noise level
76.3 dB at 3m
Ventilation type
combined PPV and Extraction
Batfan 5 years / engine 3 years / battery (LUKAS guarantee)



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