Electric fan on battery
BATFAN 2 - 45min


It can be used:
  • Indoor and outdoor: IP66
  • For PPV, alone or combined with other fans
  • For blowing or extraction through ducts
  • As a foam generator with adapter
  • for rehab of the crew after intervention

Autonomous and Lightweight

Works on battery or mains power. 45 minutes autonomy for only 26.5 kg.

NiMH battery

NiMH batteries are not considered hazardous materials. Unlike Lithium batteries, they can be transported without problems in the air

Convenient and ergonomic

  • Adjustable tilt from +65° to -90° with locking system (allows flat positioning to cover a manhole)
  • Integrated variable-speed drive
  • 10 LEDs to illuminate the walkway in front of the blower
  • Built in charger: charge during operation
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Secure (flat) keypad to control all functions (no fragile button to turn for setting speed)
  • Low maintenance: 1 full charge every 6 weeks
  • Designed to be connected with ducts, foam adapter and rehab misting device
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BATFAN 2 is the most versatile battery-powered fan on the market. It can be used for PPV (offensive, defensive, combined), blowing, extraction and it can be transformed into a foam generator or rehab misting device.

Lightweight and equipped with a carrying handle and strap, it is portable by one person. It is ideal for intervention in boats (navy).
Folds up and stows easily in the trunk of a vehicle. Two BATFAN occupy the space of one conventional fan.
Equipped with one NiMH battery, BATFAN 2 allows independent fire operations.


BATFAN is quicker to set-up than conventional fans. Thanks to its battery, BATFAN 2 is completely autonomous and can be started instantly without wasting time looking for a power outlet.


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