Foam proportioner LEADER MIX 300 - 2000

Automatic and autonomous

The foam inductor proportioner LEADER MIX 2000 is a 100% mechanical foam eductor it works without electronics. LEADER MIX 2000 adapts itself directly to nozzle or monitor flow variation.

300 to 2000 l/min and more

Adapted to the highest flow rates, the LEADER MIX 2000 proportioner automatically adapts to variations in the flow rates of the fire hoses (300-2000l/min) with a constant induction of foam concentrate. Used in parallel, several LEADERMIX 2000 can supply up to 4000 l/min, 6000 l/min of premix.

Guaranteed suction, regardless of firefighting foam viscosity

Whatever the viscosity of the firefighting foam concentrate, the foam dosing system LEADERMIX 2000 aspirates the foam concentrate with an accurate induction rate from 0,3% to 6%._x000D_ The 1% and 3%V positions are specially calibrated for viscous foam concentrate.

Compact and transportable

Thanks to its small size, the foam inductor LEADER MIX 2000 can be easily integrated in fire vehicules and fixed foam installations. A remote control panel allows to control the different intervention positions. In its "portable" version, it can also be easily moved and used on the ground.
Product features
Technical sheet


With its unique system, the foam proportioner LEADER MIX 2000 offers, from 5 bar, a precise proportioning rate from 0.3 to 6% for all types of emulsifiers (fluorinated, fluorine-free, alcohol-resistant). The 1% and 3%V positions have been calibrated for dosing viscous products. The LEADER MIX 2000 proportioning injector automatically adapt the proportioning on a flow from 300 to 2000 l/min. By combining several LEADER MIX 2000 LEADERs, increase the flow ranges. E.g.: for 2 LEADER MIX 2000, obtain a useful range from 600 to 4000 l/min.

Easy to use, a remote control panel allows to see the inlet pressure and choose working settings (dosing, water only, rinsing). Ideal equipment for fire departments and fixed foam systems!


Flow range
300 to 2000 l/min
Regulating pressure
5 to 16 bar
0.3%, 0.5%, 1%, 3%, 3%V, 6%
Inlet / Outlet
4'' BSP female
Storage temperature
-20°C to +60°C_x000D_
Operating temperature
0°C to +50°C_x000D_
Pressure loss
35% to 40%.
Bypass to reduce pressure losses
Inlet pressure gauge
yes, on the control panel
27,5 kg for the "Fixed" version
34kg for the "Transportable" version
Dimensions W x H x D
520 x 265 x 330 mm for the "Fixed" version
520 x 510 x 515 for the "Transportable" version
Carrying handle
Extraction tube
No for the "Fixed" version
Flexible equipped with a plunger rod - W:2.5m / 1,5'' Storz C for the "Transportable" version
Foam supply
1,5'' BSP F for the "Fixed" version> Storz C quick coupling for the "Transportable" version
Check valve on the foam inlet
Purge button
Yes on the control panel


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