Training extinguisher

The LEADER training extinguisher, combined with the use of a flame generator which simulates a real fire, allows very specific and practical training sessions to apply the right actions learned during theoretical fire Extinguisher Training course, whilst remaining environmentally friendly.
The refillable training extinguisher: a Fire training tool vital for effective training!
If a fire is not controlled immediately, the fire gets bigger and soon becomes uncontrollable. It is therefore important to act appropriately to intervene in time and avoid it spreading.

The extinguisher is one of the most common tools to deal with a fire and its use requires theoretical and practical training to use it safely (see also our extra-large fire blanket to control a vehicle fire). 

The training extinguisher is an essential tool to helps avoid incorrect action or incorrect use.

From an economical point of view for the trainer, compared to the use of classic extinguishers which require refilling and costly maintenance, the refillable training extinguisher allows trainers to minimise costs linked to fire training session.

There are 3 types of training extinguisher:

For easy and economical refilling, the LEADER training extinguisher uses water to simulate the extinguishing agent.

The appearance and handling of a training extinguisher is identical to a classic extinguisher. Easy to use and refillable in less than 5 minutes by the trainer, they offer an excellent jet quality. 

LEADER refillable training extinguishers can be pressurised either using a 15 bar compressor (not included) (via the connector on the spray hose) or possibly using a hand/foot pump (not included) via the “Schrader” type valve located on the training extinguisher.



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