Training modules
Deep fryer fire

Practice to recognise the types of fire

Through the training modules for fire trainer, the trainee practice to recognise the types of fire he/she is facing: Class A, B, C, D or F fires. In this case, the learner is trained to recognise a class B fire.
Deep fryer fire module is mounted on the set: Flat computer screen + Waste bin, for maximum modularity.

Selection of the appropriate extinguisher

The training modules for flame generator teach how to select the correct fire extinguisher for each type of fire: water spray extinguisher, water + additive extinguisher, powder extinguisher, CO2 extinguisher or foam extinguisher. For a deep fryer fire, powder extinguisher is the most appropriate. Covering the fire with a wet cloth also allows to smother the fire.

Use the right technique to extinguish a fire

The training modules for flame generator are perfect for learning how to use the proper technique to extinguish a fire: spraying the extinguishing agent onto the fire, covering the fire with a wet cloth, oxygen suppression, etc. If the flame surface is not too big, the best method for this type of fire is to cover it with a wet cloth.
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The training modules for fire trainer are designed to familiarise trainees with all fire extinguishing situations such as computer screen fire, waste bin fire, deep fryer fire, electric cabinet fire and aerosol explosion.

To operate, this module is attached to "Flat computer screen" + “Waste bin” modules. The waste bin, then equipped with this element, turns into a "deep fryer fire" module.

This module simulates a deep fryer fire and allows learners to practice how to extinguish flames by covering them with a wet cloth.


W 39.5 x H 14 x D 26 cm
Stainless steel
Mounting same as Flat computer screen and Bin.


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