Fire extinguisher trainer and accessories

The flame generator is an educational tool for firefighting trainers.
 It allows learners to handle firefighting equipment safely and under the control of a trainer with specific remote controls. 
Coupled with training modules, the fire training system can be modified to demonstrate how to handle different types of fire extinguishing and learn the appropriate technique to extinguish the fire (spraying the extinguishing agent on the fire, covering the fire with a wet cloth...). To meet the different needs of trainers, the LEADER Research & Development service has developed a complete range made up of 3 very different flame simulators: 

  • The GF42 waterless flame generator
    Compact and lightweight, the GF42 can be transported and stored easily in a vehicle boot.
    It is waterless and can be set up rapidly by the trainer.
    This flame generator can also be equipped with a solenoid valve (as an option) allowing the trainer to perform training easily and safely.
  • The AEROS 2 water flame generator
    Lightweight and high performance: the AEROS 2 can generate powerful, large flames, with a controlled height from 0.20m to 1.50m creating an impressive pool fire effect.
    Thanks to its security remote control, the AEROS 2 can support the learner by remaining at their side during the work, and perfectly control the fire at all times (lighting and extinguishing), offering genuinely safe use.
    In addition, its careful design makes it easier to use the generator and increases safety during training:
    • easy emptying thanks to the flame generator tipping feet,
    • increased ground contact surface areas, allowing it to be used on soft ground,
    • the generator has no sharp edges.
  • The PYROS 3 water flame generator
    Ideal for realistic and safe training, the PYROS 3 flame generator generates powerful and realistic large flames at a controlled height from 0.20m to 3m.
    Equipped with 2 gas supply taps, a flow adjuster linked to a pressure gauge and also an emergency stop button, the PYROS 3 console allows the trainer to have total control over the fire (lighting, height of flames and extinguishing).
    Finally, its base is designed to hold a gas bottle so it is more stable.
    The PYROS 3 fire trainer has handles and wheels making it easier to handle, particularly when emptying.
    In addition to the wired remote control, the PYROS 3 is equipped with a wireless remote control to support the learner during work, whilst ensuring perfect control of the fire. Also equipped with an emergency stop button on the control console to supplement the two remote controls, PYROS 3 is safe to use.



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