Why choose 100% mechanical automatic foam proportioner ?

Pourquoi choisir un doseur automatique 100 % mécanique ?

The use of automatic foam proportioner for foam concentrate dosing ensures that your fire fighting foam operations are a success. They are adapted to all flow rates, guaranteeing homogeneous foam production regardless of any changes to the operation. Automatic foam generator also ensure better management of foam concentrate stock, as they do not require the use of nozzles calibrated to 200, 400 or 800 l/min when only 300, 500 or 600 l/min are used for extinguishing.

Guaranteed operation:
During firefighting operations, building power supplies are often switched off. This is why using 100% autonomous automatic foam proportioners ensures the system works regardless of the external conditions. As a result, it is not necessary for the installer to provide a back-up power supply to ensure the dosing system works.

Enhanced reliability:
LEADER automatic foam proportioner do not have a dosing pump. Unlike other dosing systems, there is no problem with dry running and they do not continue to needlessly mix the foam concentrate, a known phenomenon which is detrimental to the product’s life span.

Controlled costs:
When mounted on firefighting vehicles, 100% mechanical foam proportioner  do not draw on your vehicle’s power supply. Therefore it is not necessary to oversize the truck’s alternator.

Easy to maintain:
In addition to being autonomous, the 100% mechanical LEADER MIX do not use a dosing pump. This helps with:

  • installation: no wiring
  • maintenance: no dosing pump to drain, flow meter to check, brush to change, oil level to check.
  • diagnosis: no risk of failure due to onboard electronics which are often difficult to repair.
  • after sales: no costly repairs incurred due to travel by specialised electronics engineers.

Fixed or portable:
The 100% autonomous LEADER MIX and FLOWMIX foam generator can also be used in a portable version or in places which do not have a sufficient power supply (pick-up flatbed, etc.)

The LEADER automatic proportioners rely on 2 major principles:

  • The Venturi type system, which has always worked at fixed flow rates, is used for LEADER MIX devices. Designed by LEADER engineers, this foam proportioner is an automatic venturi proportioner allowing a wide range of flow rates. The LEADER MIX system patented by LEADER is unique worldwide for its compactness, simplicity and reliability.
  • The technology of “SDU: Storage and Dosing Units” at balanced pressure is the foundation of FLOWMIX devices. The US manufacturer “Robwen” launched FLOWMIX in the 1980s. The technology was purchased by the firefighting equipment supplier LEADER in 2015 due to the reliability of the devices, which continue to work after more than 30 years.

LEADER offers another firefighting foam equipment (like portable foam unit, High Expansion foam generator or foam nozzles) and also a wide range of firefighting equipment.

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